What parts make up a garage door

What parts make up a garage door

Garage door components

Garage doors have many components. Garage doors do not just magically open by the press of a button. There are many crucial parts that need to be in a exact place for a garage door to work. A garage door is attached with sections, which are steel panels with hinges and rollers. Hinges are placed at different section to allow the door to roll up or down. Also, the garage door has bottom and top brackets, which are connected with lifting cables. The lifting cables are connected to cable drums, which is a part of torsion springs.

The are metal railings, tracks, have extension springs and is connected to the steel panels on the garage door. The extension springs and torsion springs help to raise and lower the garage door. The operator hangar and rear track hangar attaches the track to the ceiling. The operator is the motor that pull chains and belts on the operator rail to start the process of raising or lowering the garage door. Garage door are connected with sensor called photo eyes. These sensor use light to detect if any in the way of door. If the light is blocked, the garage door will not close. Contact us today for garage door repair Concord MA

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